A film placed on the margin of real and virtual spaces, utilising in camera effects, mechanical lighting, 3D scanning and motion control.

This promo was made with United Visual Artists for James Blake just before TEM was a formal entity.

We worked a lot with UVA in the years prior to forming TEM and this project touched upon a lot of the interests and feelings that went into the decision to form TEM, to create emotive pieces that relay on the interweaving of novel techniques.

The film is an exploration of real and virtual spaces to tell a story about transformation.

The main visual mechanic I employed was the rotational movement of a single point LED source around a perfect sphere, and the play and interaction of light, shadow and geometry. It's been a pleasure to see it utilised in some extraordinary UVA art works since.

To see the film with music head to the official James Blake channel on YouTube.

The Experience Machine

Creative and Production